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Politics and Government

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A political thriller that takes place 72 hours before
an American attack on the nuclear facilities in Iran. An Israeli arms dealer
who was born in
tries to rescue his sister from Teheran and offers arms to an Iranian
politician, who struggles to postpone the American attack.

The play is An Iran-Israel-US collaboration
Created by Mahmood Karimi-Hakak, Motti Lerner,
Roberta Levitow, Daniel Michaelson, and Torange Yeghiazarian  

The characters

Female:0 Male:4 Total:4

Monk: 70 years old, secretary of the monastery’s abbot.

Asher Motahedeh: A 56 year-old Israeli businessman with strong ties to the Israeli defense establishment and the Pentagon. Born in Tehran. 

Ali Kermani: A 56 year-old Iranian clergyman-politician. Born in Tehran. Since the 1978-9 revolution he has served in key positions in the Iranian government, including that of Deputy Prime Minister. 

Ben Martin: 59 years-old, US Ambassador in Rome. 




Productions Abroad

Europe , United States

Golden Thread Theater, San Francisco, 2007, Directed by Mahmood Karimi Hakak

LATC Los Angeles, 2007, Directed by Mahmood Karimi Hakak

Theater J, Washington, 2009 Directed by Rahale Nassri  

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