At Night’s End

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Arab-Israeli Conflict

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  1. August 2006. Members of a family in Haifa are gathering for the wedding ceremony of their middle son in the midst of the Second Lebanon War. The father and three sons have each served in the army. All of them have been continuously trying to pretend that their war traumas did not affect their life, hoping that one day they’ll be free of their past. But to their horror, they discover that the traumas they have suppressed have already ruined them from within, and as they face another war, the traumas reappear. 

The characters

Female:3 Male:4 Total:7

 AVNER:  A Lawyer (60)

DALIA: His wife, A Lawyer (55)

ROEE: Their youngest son, a soldier in an elite infantry
unit (20)

GADI: Their middle son, intern at his parent’s law firm (26)

DORON: Their eldest son, lives in New York (28)

SHELLY: Roee’s girlfriend, freshman in university (19)

EINAT: Gadi’s fiancée, second year law student (25)





2012 director: Neil Blackadder

Productions Abroad

United States

The play was produced by the Theater Program at Knox College, Illinois, 2012, translated by Yoni Oppenheim and directed by Neil Blackadder 

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