Apples from the Desert

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Religion and Faith

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(Best Play Award, 2006)

A romantic comedy about Sephardi-Jewish parents from Jerusalem whose only daughter runs away from home to live on a kibbutz with a secular man.

With a comic, generous and hope-filled spirit, the play sketches the life of young Israelis under the shadow of terrifying social rifts – the ethnic rift between Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jews and the religious rift between religious and secular Jews – and enables the audience to discover the possibilities embodied in a future that transcends these rifts.

Performed in Manila, the Philippines 2009, Denver USA 2011, Washington DC, USA 2012


The characters

Female:3 Male:2 Total:5

Victoria, 50
Reuven, 62, Victoria’s husband
Sarah, 42, Victoria’s sister
Rivka, 18, Victoria and Reuven’s daughter
Dooby, 25, Rivka’s boyfriend


The Israeli Academy Awards - Best Play of the Year 2006



2006 Beit Lessin Theatre director: עודד קוטלר