And Noting More

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Satire Cabaret

 “And No
More” – 
Political Satirical Cabaret 

show was developed in the theatre department of the
Tel-Aviv UniversityIt
is made up of 7 sketches that all together combine to one satirical cabaret.
The characters in it stand on the border between the utopic dream for a sane
life on this piece of earth and on the other hand life in a traumatic reality,
an infinite indecision between the disgust from the present situation and on
the other hand a sadistic love and hope for the next trauma to come.

of the characters will masturbate on national crises, another will prepare
himself for his big entrance in the next mega terrorist attack, another will
compare between molesting a breast of a teenager of twelve and fighting in the
ditches, one lady will sing a political erotic poem, one man will suggest
another holocaust treatment in order to find meaning in his life, and another
one will ask to listen to our inner voice in order to find, if we will just
listen carefully, a small Arab killer.

one of the characters will try in his way to reach a sexual relief.

is the best way to become loosened and gain a few moments of consolation
although it is temporary “And No More”.      


The characters

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 "The satirical show, "And No More", is a marvelous show of talent, like a fist in your face…a spectacular journey into the realms of cynicism and nihilism, that allows to see in Eyal Weiser, the playwright, the new generation that continues and at the same time differs from the great playwright Hanuch Levin"

("Maariv"– Sarit Fox)


"This is the wittiest, smartest and most enjoyable show that runs these days on our stages. Remember when you first heard about it… the bottom line a show you can't allow yourself to miss"

("Time out Tel Aviv" – Yoni Cohen Idov)


"The actors will shake your sleepy cognition and throw you between moments of huge laughter and moments of discomfort and embarrassment until the screech sound of the wooden chairs will be heard very loudly in the theatre hall….recommended to all of you that feel like they had fallen a sleep."

("360 Degree magazine" – Or Gotliv)


"Eyal weiser's writing doesn’t have respect for the politically correct, in it's best it sound like a surprising anarchistic liturgical poem that rises up a disturbing point of view of our attitude for disasters…in a minimalist way and a great mimic the actors succeed to make the monologues into an enjoyable and original night of a disturbing and inspiring fringe theatre – not recommend for self-righteous persons"

 ("Yediot Acharonot" – Shay Bar Yaakov)


"One of the remarkable advantages of the show is the distancing from political perfection and righteousness that belong to the mainstream humor – a brave, original and recommended play"

("Hashavo'on" – Makor Rishon)   

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