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A suspense drama about a hit and run accident. Omri and Assaf, two 17-year-old childhood friends get in a car and drive to a party. They’re drunk, having fun and most of all – they’re happy. Suddenly, their car hits a cyclist, they get panicked by the blow and decide to flee the scene. They arrive at an abandoned shelter and from that moment on a moral conflict erupts between them: one wants to report the incident to the police while the other wants to keep it a secret.

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2015 Goshen theatre director: Yair Mossel
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Omri: I don't care about us, we knocked that man off a cliff and we're in here instead of out there, helping him out. Assaf: Of course you don't care… What's it to you, I was the one driving, right? I'll go to jail, not you. If you're such a man call the cops and tell them you're the one who was drunk driving and that you ran over a man… (He takes out his cell phone) There you go, take it… make the call! Take it, get out of the shelter, call and tell them it was you behind the wheel… I dare you, tough guy. Omri: But it wasn't me behind the wheel. Assaf: That's right! So cut the crap and help me figure out how to get out of this shitstorm… because if it were you behind the wheel then I'd shut the hell up and do anything possible to help you instead of talking your head off… Omri: All I'm saying is that… Assaf: All you're saying is what's convenient for you… Why should you care…? Let's go to the police to confess, I bet you'll say you were sleeping like a baby the entire time and I'll take all the blame. Omri: I wouldn't say that. Assaf: It's very convenient for you that I'm always the one driving… Oh, I forgot, your parents never let you have the car… How great it is to have Assaf to drive you around… Wherever we have to go, I'm always the one driving and when we go out, I'm always the one… As long as you can drink and have a good time… Because if your dad ever finds out then you're in deep shit, but if it's me, then it's all cool, right? You've never heard me complain about it once, did you? Not once did you hear me ask you to bring a car… So don't act like this has nothing to do with you. You knew just how much I'd had to drink, and you convinced me to take you to the party at the observatory… Because why should you care…? The worst-case scenario is that the cops pull us over and I get my license revoked, not yours… right? As long as you're clean as a whistle. Silence. Omri: Listen… I didn't mean to set you off… we're in this together and I'm not going anywhere until we decide what to do.

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