A Letter to Noa

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Noa is a Lebanon War widow who for fifteen years has raised her two sons on her own and runs her late husband’s publishing house. She meets Amnon, an ex-air force pilot who works for the Society for the Protection of Nature, falls in love with him, and for the first time since her husband’s death, tries living a life of couplehood.

Her children try to break up the affair. With ruthless zealotry in their fight for their father’s memory and their territory, they devise a libel that almost destroys Noa’s relationship with Amnon. Noa is torn between her love for her sons and her new love, and she is finally forced to make choice.

The characters

Female:2 Male:3 Total:5

-NOA : mother of Uri and Yotam [widow ]
-YOTAM : younger son , storyteller [ narrater ]
-URI: elder son , in the army [ air-force ] 
-AMNON : Noa’s boyfriend


English English: Hadar Galron


Israeli Theatre Award for Playwright of the Year 2001



2001 Beit Lessin Theatre director: Itzik Weingertan

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