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Comic Drama
Parent-Child Relationship

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Betty Drauper hires the services of Mr. Spitz, to be a father figure for her spoiled teenage daughter. But when the father's strict educational methods take over the house Betty finds that her role as a mother is in jeopardy.
A wild and satirical comedy about exemplary parenting in an age of broken boundaries

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2021 Tzavta director: Sharon Stark
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The shows that are worth crowding the theater, even in the days of Corona: to laugh at the parents we learned to be. A father figure, Tsvata.

An over-indulgent mother (Sharon Stark) hires a father (Yovav Bar-Lev) for her teenage daughter, and together they try to build a future for Mia (Maya Bachovski), who from being pampered has become devoid of life skills. Roey Malih Rashef and Sharon Stark, who also directed gracefully, wrote a witty satire about parenting and the different approaches to the concept of “best interests” of the child. The chemistry between the three actors is great and promises a fun evening that will bring you a lot of laughter and food for thought.” Oria Bar-Meir, Globes, 09.24.21