Danielle Cohen Levy

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Danielle Cohen Levy Director, writer, performer

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Danielle Cohen Levy – Director, writer, performer

Born in Tel Aviv

M.F.A. with honors, Tel Aviv University, 2014 Integrated Program of Performance Analysis and Investigative Creative-Artist, Faculty of the Arts, Department of Theater Arts, ​B.Ed. with honors, The Kibbutzim College Performing Art School, 2009 Directing and Teaching Drama.

Selected Works

Wrote, directed and acted:
The Mysterious Disappearance of M, Tmu-na International Festival of Performance and Dance, 2017
Worst Case Scenario, Acre Festival of Alternative Theater, 2015; Brighton Fringe Festival, England 2016; Tmu-na Theater, 2017
Over My Dead Body
, Tmu-na Theater’s A-Genre Festival, 2014
I Am a Woman Warrior
, The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery at Tel Aviv University, and The Reuven Rubin Museum, 2014
Renata Brown
, Bashevis Singer Festival, Lublin, Poland, and Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, 2011

Wrote and/or directed:
The Advocate, The Jerusalem Khan Theatre 2018
Jewish Circus, (based on Nathan Englander stories, director: Ronnie Brodetzky) Haifa theatre, 2017
Elik’s Bicycle, the SmallBama Festival, Tel Aviv University, 2012|They Say It Will Start in July, The Hazira, Jerusalem, 2010

Adapted and directed:
Why Did the Fish Cry? Oded Burla, The Train Theater, Jerusalem 2016
Galia’s Wedding, A.B. Yehoshua, Jaffa Theater, 2011
Woyzeck, Georg Büchner, Kibbutzim College, 2009

2018 They Say It Will Start in July featured play “Eurodram 2018”
2015 Worst Case Scenario, Acre Festival Unique Stage Language Prize Lighting Prize Soundtrack Design prize
2013 The Advocate Original Play Scholarship “Starting Point” National Lottery Prize for the Performing Arts

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Danielle Cohen Levy


!Give Me The Money Comedy, Satire, Short Play Subject: Crisis, Economy, Humor, Panic, Struggle | 2014 he   
!Give Me The Money Comedy, Short Play Subject: A Search, Crisis, Human Soul, Humor | 2014 he   
Elik’s Bicycle Drama | 2012 he   
They Say It Will Start in July Poetic Drama Subject: Crisis, Love, Relationships, War | 2010 he   

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