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PSYCHO-LOG ( Ofek Levy )

ז’אנר: A-genre, Drama, New Writing, Poetic Drama, Psychological Drama, children

Psycho-Log tells the story of 18 years old Roy who suffers from a psychiatric disorder called Depersonalization. Roy notices deterioration in him mental condition and realizes he will have to confront himself with the incidents that caused that mental disease. Roy decides to put in a state of a deep… קראו עוד

And When We Die, Everything Will Pass ( Ofek Levy )

ז’אנר: Drama, New Writing, Psychological Drama

Eyal Greenhuis, winner of the prestigious TED Prize for 2016, is a world-renowned lecturer and author of “Dreams,” which sold 84 million copies in 64 different translations. He will be making a homecoming in Israel after two decades of living in Los Angeles. As a favor to his friend, the… קראו עוד