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Echoing-0\ Ido Setter
A kiss in the pocket\ Yaara reshef Nahor
Kite Dragon\ Yaara reshef Nahor
Jack’s gift\ Yaara reshef Nahor
Echoing\ Ido Setter
womban\ Ayelet Ron
A Cosmetic Fairy Tale\ Oded Liphshitz
One can work with that\ Oded Liphshitz
The foreskin\ Yaara reshef Nahor
The cricket and the ant\ Yaara reshef Nahor
Pawns\ Noam Gil
Lady Amar\ Noam Gil
The King of Nature\ Yaara reshef Nahor
chicks\ Ayelet Ron
plasticine prince\ Raanan Paz
A Tasting meal\ Shlomo Moskovitz
Hard Two\ Ido Setter
Friendly Seance\ Ido Setter
The Labor of Life\ Hanoch Levin
Made He a Woman\ Yonatan Calderon
War Whores\ Or Ben-Ezra Segal
to sibiria\ Daniel Botzer
The Tenant Haimovitz\ Ariel Bronz
The Settler\ Noam Gil
The Sixteenth Lamb\ Michael Gurevitch
Beheading\ Hanoch Levin
Shozes & Bjijina\ Hanoch Levin
Idealizm\ Yigael Sachs
Sandpaper dream\ Idan Silberstein
If you get closer\ Idan Silberstein
Who’s there\ Idan Silberstein
waif\ Idan Silberstein
Used\ Ron Guetta
Rosenblatt Express\ Ron Guetta
Dam Dam Da-Dam\ Roey Maliach-Reshef
You, Me and the Next War\ Hanoch Levin
the one who waits for love\ Roey Maliach-Reshef
Ten Minutes from Home\ Maya Arad Yasur
God Waits at the Station\ Maya Arad Yasur
Nadav’s sister\ Yaara reshef Nahor
Abandoned shelter\ Raanan Paz
How’s the Beast?\ Eyal Weiser
Seven\ Raanan Paz
Mein Jerusalem\ Eyal Weiser
Passion Killer\ Hadar Galron
Ima-ma\ Hadar Galron
Alice\ Roee Chen
Under the Skin\ Yonatan Calderon
Mikveh\ Hadar Galron
Sunrise\ Ido Bornstein
The Odyssey\ Roee Chen
The Disabled\ Gur Koren
Kol Nidrei\ Joshua Sobol
Holly Hole\ Joshua Sobol
Darfur At Home\ Joshua Sobol
The Last Worker\ Joshua Sobol
Kol’s Last Call\ Joshua Sobol
Perfect Husband\ Joshua Sobol
The Housemother\ Hillel Mitelpunkt
A Tourist’s Guide to Warsaw\ Hillel Mitelpunkt
Requiem\ Hanoch Levin
The Whore from Ohio\ Hanoch Levin
Nerves\ Joshua Sobol
Goodbye, Africa\ Hillel Mitelpunkt
Anda\ Hillel Mitelpunkt
A Railway to Damascus\ Hillel Mitelpunkt
Maxi and I\ Hillel Mitelpunkt
Morris Shimel\ Hanoch Levin
The Skinny Soldier\ Hanoch Levin
Then, in Prague\ Hillel Mitelpunkt
Friends’ Friends\ Hillel Mitelpunkt
Café Arava\ Goren Agmon
Alma & Ruth\ Goren Agmon
Stern-Bloom Pharmacy\ Goren Agmon
the donkey and the fatty\ Sharon Alexander
This is The Land\ Eyal Weiser
Soul Bird\ Oren Yaacobi
Wall of glass\ Oren Yaacobi
Krum\ Hanoch Levin
Lady Twisted\ Jason Danino Holt
Heart\ Jason Danino Holt
Queen Malka\ Jason Danino Holt
Between Two Worlds\ Sara von Schwarze
Will the Two Walk Together\ A. B. Yehoshua
the jet lag\ Ayelet Ron
abstract/undressed\ Ayelet Ron
bodies and gentelmen\ Ayelet Ron
The Dybbuk\ Roee Chen
The Birdie Dance\ Yoram Sachs
Nymphs in the mist\ Yoram Sachs
get a life\ Nitzan Cohen
Nystagmus\ Eyal Weiser
Bat Yam\ Roey Maliach-Reshef
Back and forth\ Roey Maliach-Reshef
Apples from the Desert\ Savyon Liebrecht

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