Raanan Paz

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Raanan Paz actor, play writer & director

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born 1983. 2001 – 2004 Served in a special IDF paratroop combat unit. 2006 – 2009 Studied Acting at Kibbutzim College of Education, Graduated with honors with a cum laude scholarship. Wrote the play “7” – A psycho-drama, based on Raanan’s military experiences, produced by the Tzavta Theatre, March 2012. Wrote two short plays “Happiness” and “Blackbird” at the 14/48 festival, production by the Tzavta Theatre, December 2013. Wrote the play “Abandoned Asylum” – A suspense drama for youth dealing with a hit and run car accident, production by the Goshen Theatre, June 2015. Leading a mastermind group for professional playwrights, provides dramaturge advice for writers, writes poetry and scripts, directs theatre performances, performs as an actor, performs and leads improvisation performances, hosts the Israeli lottery show  


plasticine prince Drama, Fantasy, Periodical Drama, children Subject: Friendship, Holocaust, Survival, War | 2018 he   
Abonded asylum Drama, New Writing, Thriller-Horror | 2015 he   
Blissful Drama, Short Play, Sketches Subject: Relationships | 2013 he | en   
seven Drama, Psychological Drama, Short Play, Thriller-Horror | 2012 he   
king Baboobebo fighting dullness A Circus Spectacle, Poetic Drama, Puppet Theatre, children he   

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