Shalom, Tzfira, Syria

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 Shalom loves Tzfira.

Tzfira leaves Shalom.

Tzarfati plans with his best friend how to win Tzfira back.

Tzarfati falls in love with Tzfira.

Shalom takes their plan to get Tzfira back a bit too far.

Luckily, a war with Syria breaks out.

The characters

Female: 1 Male: 2 Total: 3





2015 / 7 / 30 Production page


SHALOM:     Join a war in order to win Tzfira back. It’s very romantic.                          Which war can I join?
TZARFATI:   You just need to choose.
SHALOM:      Ha, the land of blood and army! I just need to choose.
TZARFATI:    Exactly. So what will it be? Lebanon?
SHALOM:      Boring.
TZARFATI:    Gaza?
SHALOM:      Enough already. What about Egypt?
TZARFATI:    Nah, we have a peace treaty.
SHALOM:      Jordan?
TZARFATI:    Likewise.
SHALOM:      What’s left?
TZARFATI:    Syria.
SHALOM:      Syria? We’re at war with Syria?
TZARFATI:    Don’t you read the papers?
SHALOM:      Only the sports section.

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