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What’s left for you in Berlin (Ofek Levy)

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In the heart of the KitKat Club in Berlin, Oren and Jason realize that rare chemistry has stricken them mercilessly and a special spark of love, which may happen once in a lifetime, has ignited. Between a cigarette and a confession the two discover, for the first time in their lives, consolation and hope. Together… Read more

Made He a Woman (Yonatan Calderon)

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The play is based on the autobiography of Efrat Tilma, one of the first transgendered women in Israel. Efrat has been volunteering for years as a policewoman in the Tel Aviv district police, but none of her coworkers know she was born in a male body. One night her best friend is arrested. The charged… Read more

AMSTERDAM (Maya Arad Yasur)

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Winner of Berliner TheaterTreffen Stückemarkt 2018 In a highly fragmented, multi-narrated structure, the play AMSTERDAM unfolds the course of 24 hours in the life of a 9 months pregnant Israeli violinist living in Amsterdam, the day she wakes up and finds an unpaid gas bill from 1944 on her doorstep. The multiple speakers accompany the absent character throughout… Read more