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How’s the Beast? ( Eyal Weiser )

ז’אנר: A-genre, New Writing

 Eyal Weiser’s “How’s the Beast?” features three new fictional artists – a Polish choreographer, a German-Israeli artist, and an Israeli performance artist. Working against the backdrop of Operation Protective Edge, the artists each create an artwork in response to an article published in the summer of 2014 in a German… קראו עוד

Shalom, Tzfira, Syria ( Ido Setter )

ז’אנר: Comedy, New Writing, Satire

 Shalom loves Tzfira.Tzfira leaves Shalom.Tzarfati plans with his best friend how to win Tzfira back.Tzarfati falls in love with Tzfira.Shalom takes their plan to get Tzfira back a bit too far.Luckily, a war with Syria breaks out.

Wall of glass ( Oren Yaacobi )

ז’אנר: Black Comedy, Comic Drama, New Writing

English translation: Hadar GalronA successful young Israeli dancer who lives in Berlin suffers a crisis of identity and career when she discovers she is pregnant. The young woman has severed all contact with her mother and younger brother due to her decision to live in Berlin in spite of the… קראו עוד