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Melting Pussy ( Joshua Sobol )

ז’אנר: Comic Drama

A dramatic encounter of 3 prostitutes, that were settled in a מormative Tel-Aviv residential house, with its residents. Together with: Yael Nivron, Omri Levi, Orian Partam Gliksberg.

The Heiress ( Goren Agmon )

ז’אנר: Comic Drama

Ofer, a television director of about 40, is married to a lawyer and has two children. After hid mother’s death he discovers that she has disinherited him and left her entire estate to his sister. There is no letter explaining her behavior. His relations with his mother were good and… קראו עוד

Mother in Love ( Goren Agmon )

ז’אנר: Comic Drama

Michal, a successful lawyer, a divorcee and a mother of two, remains alone after her two sons have left home. Michal finds a new love with Matti, a vet who fights for animal rights, and she sees a whole new life in front of her. When her son Omer returns… קראו עוד

Kigler His Life and Death ( Oded Liphshitz )

ז’אנר: Comic Drama, Drama

 Kigler, a frustrated and unhappy insurance salesman, is called to the deathbed of his younger, but always more successful brother John. Things go awry, though, because John not only recovers but takes his brother’s girl