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Mein Jerusalem ( Eyal Weiser )

ז’אנר: A-genre, Performance

 A Memorial ceremony commemorating the professional and personal highpoints of a fictional German photographer on her journey towards a sense of belonging, following her wish to experience the “here and now”. It is a farewell tour of a woman who asked to leave her past behind and move forward to… קראו עוד

Smiley ( Eyal Weiser )

ז’אנר: A-genre, Absurd, Black Comedy, Drama, Satire, Tragedy

Set in a new age empowerment workshop, Smiley , is a series of sexually-charged monologues that also transforms into an interactive experience with the audience. Each character reveals the lives of young adults – exposing their lives on the internet, in bars or inside themselves – struggling with situations, emotions… קראו עוד

This is The Land ( Eyal Weiser )

ז’אנר: A-genre, Monodrama, Satire

“This is the Land” is a scripted, fictitious, directed festival, which wishes to pose a response to the Zionist Creation award Initiated by the Minister of Culture in October 2011, its aim is to provide limitless artistic space to rethink and re-examine the concept of Zionism for those artists who… קראו עוד

Nystagmus ( Eyal Weiser )

ז’אנר: A-genre, Performance

Nystagmus is a current artistic reaction to two exhibitions held by Hitler in Munich during 1937 – “The Great German Art” and     “The Degenerate Art”. It’s an exclusive, first-time collaboration between the independent SKR gallery and Munich Volkstheatre, aimed at exploring the potential theatrical mechanisms imbued in the museum space… קראו עוד